Company Values

The future of music is our mission, based on clear and simple values, that guide us in our activity.

Beauty: living and working in Italy means being constantly in touch with beauty, surrounded by architectural masterpieces and musical history. We try to bring this feeling in our work and life styles, creating instruments for a high musical satisfaction.

Craftsmanship: most of our instruments have parts in wood. For us this has always meant top quality, absolute refusal to the use of toxic materials and paints, maximum care in the finishing, often neglected by other manufacturers. Having a Viscount instrument means to have a valuable piece of art that will maintain its beauty for a lifetime.

Technology: Everybody knows that products can be standardized, with the lowest possible investment on research, or seek the state of the art of technology. Viscount produces exclusively in Europe, and guarantees its customers that every product use the best possible technology available. Internal research and a worldwide engineering network are the keys for our great work.

Passion as a lifestyle: working at Viscount means to be in a friendly, positive and quiet atmosphere. Many of our specialists are qualified musicians, and we do take care of the quality of life of our employees. This results in products made with passion and positivity, and this, we know, it is clearly visible.

Passion for music: Music is not just the core of our business, it is something that elevates our minds and souls. We do put all our passion on music to get the best from our work, to offer instruments that will be companions for your personal moments, or for your public performances.

In a world that is spinning faster and faster behind aggressive business models,
we represent something different. Staying with us may mean investing
some more money in your instruments, but together with it
you will get in touch with a part of our experience,
of our feelings, our way to be.