Corporate Information

Viscount SpA is strongly connected to its territory and to its region traditions. Viscount HQ and factories are not placed in grey and anonimous suburbs, but in the charming town of Mondaino and its sorroundings. While western companies are now used to submit their products to Eastern-Europe countries, China and the likes, Viscount has still its main factories and woodwork labs in Mondaino, where the quality is ceaselessly under control, in order to ensure our customers top quality products. Our factories are eco-friendly, respecting every European standard, and the working environment is secure and pleasing. Mondaino is a tiny town in the “Romagna” region, spacing from crowded seasides to smooth hills and mild peaks, and Rimini, the main city in the sorroundings of Mondaino has a huge prestige as a summer vacation destination allover Europe.

Viscount is divided in many facilities:

Galanti Factory

Fratelli Galanti museum: the ancient accordion factory has been renovated lately but its original structure, as well as many old machines, have been kept as a memory of the old days. A museum now provides a complete tour along Galanti history, starting from its first accordion to the 90s Viscount Intercontinental organs and keyboards. The main hall is now an auditorium for concerts and the annual M.Galanti International Organ Competition.

Pro Audio Labs

Pro Audio labs: our Pro Audio technicians have been working in the field since a whole life. Here they design and assembly prototypes for powerful, long-lasting and crystal-clear speakers. Accurate anechoic measures are taken both in place and committed to university and third party laboratories for reliable and thorough tests.

R&D Labs

Hardware and DSP R&D labs: our engineers master an unprecedented know-how, only comparable to way bigger U.S. or Japanese research centers. In fact, the whole Adriatic region of Italy, has always been prolific in matter of acoustic and electronic musical instruments production. The rectruitment of such a deal of engineers and technicians, coming from the fields of Digital Signal Processing, Microelectronics engineering, Sound Physics and Effects Generation, contributed to the creation, along many years, of a fast progressing, innovating research center. But we are aware we design musical instruments: our musicians have a strong musical culture and knowledge. Our musicians give their best to design instruments for other musicians: reliable, easy to use and enjoyable.

Woodwork Labs

Woodwork lab: here our master craftsmen are committed the accurate and elaborate task of wood working and carving.

Mechanic Labs

Mechanic design: our technicians give their best to achieve ergonomic, eye-pleasant and fine instruments and tools.