Venerable History

The beginning, more than 100 years ago
Italy, at the end of the nineteenth century, was a country with an economy based mainly on farming, but slowly, industry was beginning to grow with the social and economic changes. In a small village called Mondaino, in the area of Romagna, Antonio Galanti lived with his family, and earned his living travelling from town to town with his Merry-go-Round, bringing pleasure thru music to the local inhabitants. But, music was his real passion and he devoted much of his time to designing and developing the first Galanti musical accordion.

(Antonio Galanti the inventor of the first Galanti accordion)

(Egidio Galanti the founder of the first Galanti factory)

The Galanti accordion factory
In subsequent years Galanti accordions were continually being improved, until, in 1955, a device was invented to allow the basses to be played freely to assist the musician’s creativity. The Galanti accordion was selected to be included in the Music Academy teaching programmes.


(Mondaino 1917: First Factory Galanti Bros)

As music fashion changed, the “Fratelli Galanti” production reflected this, by producing electric guitars in the same successful way, at the same time, of course, continuing to produce the highly acclaimed classical accordions.
Electronic Musical Instruments
In 1959, Egidio sons, of whom one was Marcello establishes a new company heralding the entry of Galanti musical expertise into electronic musical instrument. As usual, ahead of the times, they developed and built the first electronic organ to be made in Italy. The first technology used sound generators with neon lights, then followed by transistors, integrated circuits, until the days of “PCM” and “modeling” based on DSP. Among our brands we remember Thomas, Baldwin and Vox, in the European and American markets.

(Marcello Galanti founder of Viscount International)

In 1969, Marcello left his brothers and founded Intercontinental Electronics S.p.A., to design and manufacture electronic organs. With highly qualified technical staff he set up a research and development laboratory, and a national and export sales department. Initially, technical and sales efforts were directed especially towards the Dutch and American markets, where organ culture was more spread into population. The company created an interest and desire for musical accomplishment, and its technical and sophisticated instrument were demanded by its many buyers.

Viscount International SpA
In 1999 unfortunately Marcello died; his son Mauro and his daughter Loriana continued to develop the company refreshing the catalogue with the new Pro Audio line Voice Systems, and using all the expertise from the musical field. The actual Viscount company, represents a unique example of engineering and musical instruments production center in Europe. The development of a full range of electronic audio devices allowed Viscount to achieve a unsurpassed know-how in analog and digital domains, with in-house hardware and software development. The first complete ASIC development was done in 1989, and from that year Viscount owns a wide panel of patents in digital audio. Music Signal Control, Effect Generation and Sound Generation are our fields, with no limitation to technologies (synthesis, sampling, modeling) and experienced know-how in all the stages of development. Our internal production capability is specialized in professional audio fields, and quality control is assured from latest on-line audio control devices, where procedures were approved from some of the major audio international players.