ChoirMasterSharpChoir Master is a new concept instrument intended, mainly, to accompany congregational singing by the organ. The ideal accessory for any Viscount organ, it:
– can be used also by singers or musicians who can’t play an organ;
– displays the song lyrics on a standard TV screen; a cursor indicates the current syllable;
– shows the number (or the page) of the selected hymn, by means of a digital panel.

Using the [BEAT] and [NOTES] buttons, you can conduct the organ accompaniment by tapping beats or, alternatively, each syllable on the buttons. The TAP CONDUCTOR, allows a flexibility that automatic background tracks lack. Thanks to the intelligent lighting of the buttons and a graphical display, Choir Master can be used successfully at the first approach. Songs can be recalled by typing their code number, or choosing from an alphabetically ordered list. Alternatively, the matrix of small keys, called “Quick Selection”, allows you recall, with a single touch, a song pre-assigned to that key. Moreover, thanks to the exclusive Smart Hymn Search, you can select a song by playing a fragment of it on the Song Structure buttons, which, when necessary, coincide with musical keys of the octave. Using the [DIM.] / [CRESC.] (decreasing / increasing) you can adjust the stops level (i.e. how many stops are used to play a song), while in the “Song Structure” area you can select which parts of the song you wish to perform and which to skip. Lyrics can be shown not only on the internal display, but also on a TV or a video projector by mean of video coaxial output. An optional three-digit external display shows the number (or page) of the hymn to be performed. A complete File Manager lets you manage songs and transfer files to and from the USB memory pen. You can also record your own performances through a simple-approach midi recorder with overdub functions.

Thanks to Choir Master, no Viscount organ will be silent anymore during worships.

Readable files format
Song Selection
Tastiera musicale
Quick Selection
Quick Selection Lock
Midi channels
Transport bar
Song structure controls
Tempo controls
Tap Conductor
Stops controls
File Manager
Internal memory
USB connection
Operative system upgrade
New songs load
Video out
Tv system
Annunciator Panel
Annunciator Panel link
.mid, .kar, .cms (Choir Master Song)
graphical 128×64 pixels
4 ways: Number, Alphabetically ordered list, Quick Selection, Melody
12 keys and 5 octave shift levels for a total of 60 midi keys
16 keys, 4 banks (A, B, C, D); 64 preselected songs
yes, to avoid unwanted key content changes
In, Out and Thru
Rx and Tx channels indipendent for each organ division
2 programmable (1 expression pedal allowed)
Play, Stop, Pause, Rec, Fast forward, Rewind
1 – 100
-6 / +5
Intro, Verses (1 – 12), Ending
BEAT advance, NOTE advance (lyric by lyric)
less stops, more stops; general memories
Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, Create Directory
yes, can contain thousands songs
by USB pen
by USB pen
coaxial, to show song lyrics on TV or videoprojector
radio or Midi or serial 485
3,1 x 12,2 x 8,3 inch (h x w x d)
6,2 lbs