V-50 Sub

V50 SUB is a sub-woofer specially created by Viscount to extend the depth of sound in organ amplification systems. With integral processed amplifier and a sturdy, lightweight structure, the V50 SUB combines with the other Viscount organ speaker systems to create user-friendly, great quality systems, guaranteeing top reliability even in the most critical situations. The V50 SUB is equipped with a powerful 500W (IHF) amplifier complete with an anti-clipping device for automatic prevention of amplifier saturation and the consequent signal distortion. The V50 SUB has a crossover filter allowing selection of the frequencies to be sent to other speakers systems; it could not be easier to produce extremely efficient amplification systems with response reaching down to the lowest frequencies (20Hz).
Inputs 2x balanced jack – 2x balanced XLR-F
Input impedance 20Kohm (balanced) – 10Kohm (unbalanced)
Input sensibility 0dB (0.775V)
Outputs 2x balanced jack – 2x balanced XLR-F
Controls Volume – Crossover Frequency – GND lift – Phase Reverse – Stereo/mono input selector
Crossover frequency 63Hz @ 12dB/oct
Components 15″ custom woofer
Power Output 500W (IHF)
Sensitivity 98dB (SPL 1W/1m)
Max SPL 126dB
Distortion (THD) <0.1%
Frequency Response 20Hz ÷ 100Hz (-10dB)
Protections Thermal – D.C. output – Anti-bump – Anti-clipping
Power Supply refer to the label on the rear panel
Cabinet Birch multilayer
Dimensions 43x53x47cm – 17.1×21.2×18.5 inches
Weight 34Kg – 75 lbs