Midi Pedalboards

The Viscount Midi Pedalboard is developed for those musicians that need to expand their potentials through the use of a real organ pedals.
This pedalboard born as natural complement to the Viscount classical keyboards line, but it can be used with any other MIDI devices like keyboards, expanders or computer software.

Available models:
– 32 notes radial concave (AGO)
– 32 notes straight concave
– 32 notes straight
– 30 notes radial concave
– 30 notes straight concave
– 30 notes straight
– 27 notes radial

Midi Channel Programmable 1-16
Transmission Program Change Yes
Transmission Control Change 7 (volume) or 11(expression) on pedals
Expression Pedals 2 (optional) with independent programmable midi channel
Connections Midi Input 1 – Midi Input 2 – Midi Out – Expression Pedal 1 – Expression Pedal 2
Status indication 2 Led
Available Models See the fotogallery to the left