Canticus 50

The latest model in Canticus series incorporated in an elegant console Positief style with a special sound character. In fact as a result of specific mounting of the speakers inside the console a truly sound reproduction will be experienced:
Configurable via organ editor. Thanks to the PC Editor, it is possible to tune many parameters of the organ.The Pitch and Volume for every single note of each register can be tuned accompanied with a graphic support. In addition many parameters can be customized such as: Aattack, Release, Detune, Audio routing out as well as the general organ setups including Reverb. and much more.
Canticus organs are available in three different kinds of finish. Custom finishes and configurations are possible upon request.
Voice controls Volume – Attack time – Release detune – tracking keyboard volume – Ensemble (pipes detune simulation) – Possibility of sending the voices to 4 different outputs (windchest simulation)
Polyphony 256 notes
General Memories 8 banks of 6 memories each – programmable
Tutti programmable
General Controls 6 thumbs pistons for general memories – Set – Cancel – AP – Enclosed – Tutti
Volume Controls General – Manual II – Pedal – Reverb
Pedals Expression pedal for Man.I/Pedals and Man.II
Manual Reverse Man.II – Man.II
Temperaments Equal, Meantone, Chaumont, Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Pythagorean, Vallotti, Kellner
Transposer -6/+5 semitones
Reverb 8 different types of digital reverb
Equalizer 5 bands (digital) for the internal amplification system and a separate one for each external output
Audio Outputs 4 main outputs – 1 remote speaker system control, 2 RCA (L/mono+R) – Master Outs
Inputs 2 programmable jack inputs – 1 jack microphone input with gain control
Midi In – Out – Thru
Midi Controls 2 selectable output and input channels for each section, Program Change, adjustment of key dynamic, transposer, filter
Output Controls Equalizer, Delay time for each output
Floppy Disk Driver 3,5″ DD (720Kb) and HD (1,44Mb), MS-DOS formatted Floppy
File Controls Read, format, copy, save (setting and memories), load of settings and memories, cancel, rename and file check
Sequencer with 4 independent tracks, till 60000 events, 192 tpq resolution
Amplification 3 amplifiers for a total of 260W – Delay time for each manual
Loudspeakers 1x 12″ woofer – 2x 4″ middle range – 2 horn-tweeters
Cabinet & Accessories Wood veneered matt polished in dark, light or medium oak with matching bench
Dimensions 67″x54″x25″ HxWxD – 67″x54″x39″ with ped.
Weight Organ 374lbs – bench 66lbs